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  • ​Lunar Cycle (2015)

       For double bass and fixed media

       I. Pleine lune (2012)

       Performed by Pierre-Alexandre Maranda:













       II. In the great green room there was a          

       telephone and a red balloon (2015) 

       Text from Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise          Brown

       Performed by Adam Scime:








       III. LCROSS 2009-10-09 (no double bass,      

       acousmatic only - see Electroacoustic Works)


  • Deux (2014)

       For classical guitar (arrangement of 'Duo'

       from Prism Studies)

       Performed by Christophe Pratiffi:






  • Prism Studies (2010)

       For solo violin

       I. Boiling Point

       II. Radiant Dream

       III. Pelinzep

       IV. Swirl

       V. Duo


  • Organithology (2007)

       For organ and tape

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